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SixFour3 Pandora's Box T-Shirt - Buy & Go
SixFour3 Pandora's Box T-Shirt - Buy & Go

SixFour3 Pandora's Box T-Shirt - Buy & Go


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SixFour3 is all about empowering the female athlete. Our latest initiative is a collection of t-shirts designed by our members. These contests will run on a quarterly basis.  We are pleased to announce our first t-shirt “Pandora’s Box” designed by Liz Padiotis a long time SixFour3 member and current Freshman at Shepherd University.  SixFour3 will share 25% of all t-shirt proceeds with the artist.  Liz had decided to donate her percentage of the proceeds to charity.  #SF3poweredbygirls #SF3designedbygirls

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